Our Process.

HR policies, which translate directly into the quality of your team, are crucial for any restaurant and stand on the same importance level as the quality of the actual food you’re serving. And here’s how we do it.


When we work together, the results are great. During our discovery process, we listen to your needs to help discover a human resource solution that fits your unique restaurant.


Now that we’ve discovered your needs, let’s work together to design an HR platform for your restaurant that reflects your unique space in the industry, organizational goals, and culture.


With consistent communication and positive engagement, your team will become more secure, consistent, happy and productive… And that helps your restaurant succeed and grow.


Our teamwork has come to fruition. Together, let’s communicate your HR mission and goals with your staff. We’ll begin to see what a well-designed HR plan will achieve for your restaurant.

To keep your restaurant operating successfully, operators everywhere are responsible for remaining compliant with labor laws, restrictions, and regulations on state and federal Levels. No easy feat!
Let OHROTX take this off your plate!

We will work closely with your team to execute the company culture roadmap, minimize turnover, and increase your employee performance.
Let OHROTX take care of your employees so you can focus on increasing revenue.

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