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Supporting Texas’ Thriving Hospitality Community Through Human Resources.

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Benefit from our expertise in labor compliance, employee relations, and strategic business advice.


Our payroll partners help us provide end-to-end services throughout the employee lifecycle.


Our ultimate job is to protect your passion by keeping you compliant.


Compliant, Transparent, Trustworthy

We provide outsourced human resource administration services for restaurants in Houston.


Check all of your compliance boxes and get your employees working quickly. Make sure your new employees are fully integrated into your workplace culture and values.

Boost Company Culture

We work closely with your leadership team to execute your restaurant’s culture, minimize turnover, increase employee performance, and enhance your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).


Our HR Office, we will deal with these sensitive matters, ensuring that the business complies with employment laws.


Why Choose us?

Benefits of Outsourcing

  • Time – we focus on the details.

  • Money – we help protect you from non-compliance issues.

  • Growth – you keep your focus on increasing revenue.

Interested in outsourcing your restaurant bookkeeping?